Useful Eclipse Shortcuts for Android Developers

Eclipse is the most widely used IDE in android application development. If you have good proficiency in using eclipse IDE thats a great advantage. So In this post we are going to discuss about some of the useful eclipse shortcuts.

Navigation Shortcuts

Ctrl + Shift + R Open / Search for resources, e.g. files
Ctrl + Shift + T Open / Search for Types
Ctrl + E Allows to select an editor from the currently open editors
Ctrl + F8 Shortcut for switching perspectives
Alt + ← or Alt + → Go to previous/ next editor position in history
Ctrl-PageUp/PageDown Switch to previous/next editor
F3 Go to the declaration of this variable
Ctrl + Shift + P Go to the matching bracket

Search Shortcuts

Ctrl + . Go to the next problem / error
Ctrl + , Go to the previous problem / error
F4 on a variable Show type hierarchy
Ctrl + J , Ctrl + K Incremental search, find next
Ctrl + Shift + G Search for references in the workspace

Run Shortcuts

Ctrl + F11 Run last launched
Alt + Shift + X - J Run current selected class as Java application

Editing Shortcuts

Ctrl + 1 Quickfix; result depending on cursor position
Ctrl + Space Content assist/ code completion
Ctrl + T Show the inheritance tree of the current Java class
Ctrl + O Show all methods of the current class, press Ctrl + O again to show the inherited methods.
F12 Focuses on the editor (especially helpful if you work with Fast Views).
Ctrl + M Maximize Java editor
Ctrl + Shift + F Format source code
Ctrl + Shift + O Organize the imports; will import the missing import statements.
Ctrl + Q Go to position the cursor at the last changed position in the editor.

Arrow Key Shortcuts

Ctrl + Left Move one element to the left
Ctrl + Right Move one element to the right
Ctrl + Alt + Up/Down Copy line
Alt + Up / Down Move line up / down
Alt + Shift Up / Down Select the previous / next syntactical element
Ctrl + Up / Down Scroll up / down a line in the editor

Delete Shortcuts

Ctrl + D Deletes line
Ctrl + Shift + DEL Delete until end of line
Ctrl + DEL Delete next element
Ctrl + BACKSPACE Delete previous element

Coding Shortcuts

Shift + F2 Show the Javadoc for the selected type / class / method
Alt+Shift + N + Letter Type shortcut for the command, e.g. njc to create a new Java class or npip to create a new Plugin project
Alt + Shift + Z Surround block with try and catch
Ctrl + 2, L Assign statement to new local variable
Ctrl + 2, F Assign statement to new field

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