Does WhatsApp Really Charge $0.99 After First Year?

WhatsApp is the most widely used instant messenging platform on mobile devices. WhatsApp is free for the first year, after which it costs $0.99/year – a relatively minor charge. Does WhatsApp really charge $0.99 after first year? Well, I'm using it as my primary messenger around two years, but I did not spend any money on it yet. You might surprise but it's the truth.

Android External Storage (SD Card) Tutorial

In earlier tutorial we've learned about internal storage. Besides of using internal storage we can also use external storage (SD card) to save our files. In this quick tutorial we'll learn about how we can use external storage to save our files.

Working with Google Play Services Library in Android

Google Play Services library is an extension to the standard Android platform. It provides access to the latest and greatest Google services on Android platform. This tutorial will help you in understanding the basic concepts of Google Play Services.

Android Development Tutorial

In this post I'm going to list out some of the tutorials that will help you to learn android application development. The audience of these tutorials is anyone who want to learn android development.

Android Internal Storage Tutorial

In earlier tutorial we've learned about shared preferences, which allows us to save key-value pairs of data. However, sometimes we might prefer to use the traditional file system to store our data. Android's internal storage is one of the solution for that, as it allows us to store private data on the device memory.

How to Send Email from Android Application

In earlier tutorial we've learned about sending email from android emulator. Besides of sending email from android emulator, we can also send email programmatically from our own application. To send email from our application we need to use Intent.ACTION_SEND. It's a native android action that can call an existing email client to send an Email.

Android Shared Preferences Tutorial

Often times in android applications you needs to save certain information in between launches of the application. In this could be things like user settings about how they like to view and how they want to interact with the application , or any type of information that needs to persists once the user closes the application. One of the best mechanism to do that in android is the shared preferences API.

Android JSON Parsing Tutorial

JSON is the best alternative to XML for storing and exchanging text information. Android includes the libraries which allow to work easily with JSON. In this tutorial you will learn about how to work with JSON in Android.

How to connect Android with PHP

In this tutorial I'm going to develop a very simple app that will call a PHP script using HTTP. In previous tutorials you have learned about -  Java Networking API and Apache HttpClient Library to make simple HTTP connections. So it's time to move on.

Android UI using Styles and Themes

In this tutorial we'll learn about how to develop android UI using styles and themes. Basically styles and themes allow us to separate the design from the content. Styles are like CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) in web design. A style can be applied to an individual View while the theme is a style applied to an entire Activity or Application.

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